RIST Forum Launches Test Platform For Developers

RIST Forum
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LOS ANGELES—The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum today announced the launch of a test application server for vendors to test their RIST implementations,

Hosted by RIST and managed by SipRadius, the test server is offered at no charge to vendors, the forum said.

“The new test platform gives developers the ability to do much more than just RIST testing,” said RIST Forum President Ciro Noronha. “It enables basic video routing with no transcoding and promotes confidence monitoring through webrtc playback.”

The compatibility test platform uses libRIST and the CoralOS, SipRadius’ proprietary Linux flavor. LibRIST is a free, open-source library with licensing that encourages developers to add the RIST protocol to their applications, it said.

The CoralOS, in addition to RIST services, provides a web interface for configuration and media services to produce, ingest and playback the developers’ RIST transported streams.

“The RIST protocol and libRIST provide a robust solution for low-latency live video over unmanaged networks,” said Sergio Ammirata, managing director of SipRadius. “It is developed by a group of experts, meaning users benefit from a broader range of real-world experiences than a single-vendor solution. The new test server ensures that members can implement the RIST specification confidently.”

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The test server is currently available to RIST members working on a RIST implementation. More information on libRIST is available online.

Email Sergio Ammirata to receive credentials and documentation for testing. 

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