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Riedel unveils Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom

Riedel Communications introduced its Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom series, a full-duplex, wireless communications intercom, at IBC2008.

Taking the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard, with its license-free, cellular architecture with seamless handover, as a starting point, Riedel developed several new technologies to implement its Acrobat VoIP-over-DECT platform.

Riedel’s Enhanced Channel Agility (ECA) allows Acrobat to make use of the complete DECT frequency and channel spectrum by dynamically allocating calls to any free RX or TX time slot. In addition, the Enhanced Sync Automation (ESA) optimizes system performance when used in environments with other DECT-based systems.

The Acrobat system is made up of one or more Acrobat Cell Controllers with up to 80 Acrobat Cell Antennas. The Cell Controller serves as the heart of any Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom installation and handles the VoIP-over-DECT cell management.

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