RF Central assists Buffalo Bills with in-stadium wireless camera system

The video production unit of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills this season has added an RF Central RFX-CMT-II camera-mounted transmitter and RMR-X6-II diversity receiver.

The addition allows the Buffalo Bills scoreboard crew to provide fans and advertisers with a reliable, creative way to deliver content.

The license-free 5.8GHz CMT-II unit is designed for sports and remote production applications, live broadcasts, live stadium displays, surveillance, monitoring and situational awareness applications. It offers a variable 6MHz, 7MHz and 8MHz modulator, 100mw power output and MPEG menu control by the customer

The CMT-II excels in the 2GHz and 6.4GHz frequencies as well. Each featuring HD, SDI, ASI or composite video signals inputs, the CMT-II’s linear RF amplification technology limits spectral regrowth at full power to less than -35dBc.