Renegade Labs unveils M16 digital edit suite mixer

Renegade Labs has revealed its new M16 digital mixer for rack-mount edit suite applications. This versatile new control surface accepts up to 32 input channels of analog, mic level, AES and SD/HD SDI signals, controllable via 16 100mm faders with unity LEDs for smooth, precise level control. Developed from Renegade’s Blue/328 and Gray/318 digital audio mixers, the M16 is designed to connect to the firm’s stand-alone 328/MXE processing chassis and offers eight analog and digital outputs.

Designed for edit system control in linear suites, the M16 communicates to any edit controller with ESAM II protocol via RS-422 serial ports. Video-ready operation is enhanced by separate rows of buttons for program or preset fader assignment, along with an edit system-controlled preview switcher. The auto-to/from feature allows access to all 32 inputs under edit-system control, eliminating the need to switch banks or recall registers during edits to access more inputs. The 8RU control surface can be used in either rack-mount or tabletop deployment.

Precision optical encoders along with soft buttons provide flexible control of mixer operations. A 240 x 64 LCD displays mixer status information and handles system setup. An optional 640 x 240 color LCD provides detailed metering in PPM, VU, K-meter and surround sound, with peak and phase indication. A USB port handles register storage and software upgrades.

The M16 features full eight-channel monitoring, including configurable matrix with surround-sound modes and stereo downmix. A built-in preview switcher allows for monitoring of a record machine without tying up faders. For sync control, 16 video frames of delay are available, while an integral 16-channel, three-band parametric equalizer provides dynamics control.