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RED shows prototype of EPIC 5K 3-D production rig

Later this year Red Digital Cinema will offer a lightweight, compact mounting rig for its 5K EPIC 3-D camera. The rig, made by Element Technica, weighs just over 45lbs — which is very light for such a high-resolution 3-D “beam splitter” setup that accommodates two cameras mounted at a 90-degree angle.

The package can be made even lighter if the dual RED Brick batteries are replaced with lighter EPIC-X batteries. The rig is a prototype, and may be called Pulsar when Element Technica officially releases it. It’s a modified Neutron rig with a larger mirror box to accommodate the two 3-D cameras and their lenses and some other, undisclosed modifications.

EPIC is due to be released by year’s end. The Neutron 3-D camera rig, much smaller than the standard Quasar 3-D rig used at the FIFA World Cup, was designed to mount lightweight 3-D camera packages for stereoscopic video capture from smaller jibs, steadicams, portable cameras and point-of-view positions.

Red and Element Technica have a history of working together. Currently, Element Technica supports the Red One Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). The EVF Deluxe Mounting System provides a secure interface — capable of attaching to a variety of points on the camera body or even to other accessories.

It allows 4in of vertical and 6in of telescoping adjustment along the viewfinder axis. The system’s clutch lets the viewfinder be tilted to almost any angle. Once positioned, the cine-style clutch holds the EVF securely in place, regardless of the shooting conditions.