RealTraps offers free room acoustics software

Windows-based tools include room prediction software and frequency-distance calculator.
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The ModeCalc room prediction software is one of the tools RealTraps offers as a free download.

RealTraps Acoustics has announced the availability of two software tools designed to help users learn about designing listening rooms with the basics of acoustical room treatments. Both are Windows-based programs and available for free download at the information page of the company’s Web site.

Recently upgraded, RealTraps’ ModeCalc is a graphical room mode prediction software that can helps people design a new listening room, or assess the low-frequency response in an existing room. Recent upgrades include a display to identify modes that are too close together, and a revised and expanded help tutorial. Also new on the RealTraps Web site is a frequency-distance calculator, which helps identify boundary-related peaks and nulls, and distinguish them from modal peaks and nulls.

According to company co-owner Ethan Winer, the purpose of offering free software and other educational tools is to raise both the awareness and understanding of acoustics and room treatment.

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