RBC-TV expands Artist intercom, RockNet digital audio network

RBC-TV, a 24-hour business news channel in Russia, has expanded its existing third-party intercom system with an Artist digital matrix intercom system from Riedel Communications. An additional Riedel RockNet digital audio network provides more extensive audio routing capabilities at the RBC-TV studios.

To expand its comms infrastructure, RBC-TV installed an Artist system made up of an Artist 64 mainframe and Artist 2100 and 3000 series control panels. Connection between the existing third-party intercom and the Riedel system was accomplished via 4-wire.

The Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom is a modular intercom system that allows for adopting systems to the individual needs of an installation. Artist Client cards provide the connection for various signal types, such as audio signals or GPIOs. Artist Matrices can be expanded to form systems with up to 1024 x 1024 nonblocking ports.

RBC-TV also uses a RockNet digital audio network installation to distribute the audio signals on-site. The system consists of RockNet 100 and RockNet 300 input and output modules. RockNet MADI interfaces provide the connection to the studio's audio mixing console.