Radyne ships DVB-S2 ACM and VCM open-standard modulator

Radyne has begun shipping its open standard DVB-S2 ACM and VCM modulator to a variety of new customers. With data rates reaching 250Mb/s, the DM240XR is the eXtReme version of the DM240. It is available with PRO-MPEG GigE, ASI, DVB Parallel, HSSI and G.703 interfaces.

The DM240XR offers all the benefits of DVB-S2, with a 30 percent increase in bandwidth efficiencies, carrier-to-noise figures below the noise floor and tighter BW spacing.

It offers speeds of up to 120Mb/s for the DVB-S2, and 238Mb/s for DVB-S, and supports QPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM modulation schemes. Additional features include the choice of remotely interfacing through Ethernet, RS-485, or RS-232. The familiar Radyne front panel offers push-button control of all features and a backlit LCD display. Menus are specifically designed for ease of use and quick online operation as well as changes in all modulator configurations.

For more information, visit www.radn.com .