Quantum Featuring New Data Drive and Tape for Video File Storage

At IBC2006, Quantum will exhibit the SDLT 600A, a data tape drive with a feature set for professional video users. The company will also showcase Super DLTtape II date cartridges, designed to be used with the SDLT 600A drive.

The SLDT 600A drive features a tape-based file system and network-attached storage for file-based workflows. When used in conjunction with the company's Quantum SDLTtape II data cartridge, the drive can store more than six hours of high definition content recorded at 100 Mbps. The drive has its own file directory system, allowing direct drag-and-drop access by networked applications without additional software. Built-in Ethernet capability and MXF-awareness are also part of the new drive. It is available in rackmount or tabletop configurations.

SDLTtape II data cartridges provide native storage capacity of 300 GB and have a 30-year archival life. Each cartridge can accommodate more than 25 hours of DV25 content.

Quantum will be found in Stand 10.520.