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Quantel shows complete stereoscopic 3-D broadcast production workflow

At NAB 2010 Quantel demonstrated a complete stereoscopic 3-D broadcast production workflow, from ingest to desktop editing and craft editing to playout. The new development delivers the same Quantel Enterprise sQ workflow that is used by many broadcasters, but now it works with stereo 3-D content.

The NAB demonstration included live ingest from a Panasonic AG-3DA1 stereoscopic camcorder into an sQ server, desktop browsing and shot selection of the stereo 3-D media and instant transfer to Quantel’s new Stereo3D craft editing workstation for stereo finishing. The company also showed live playout to common 3-D multiplexed formats, including, if required, left-right, over-under or line-interleaved stereo 3-D distribution formats.

All existing Quantel systems are upgradeable to support stereo 3-D operation as well as new installations; stereo 3-D and 2-D material can co-exist on the same server. Stereoscopic 3-D support will be part of the Quantel V5 software release planned for this summer.