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QSC forges new connection with Neutrik

QSC’s PL380 amplifiers will be available with detachable power cords featuring 32A PowerCon connectors from Neutrik. Produced up until now with a permanent power cord, the flagship 120V and 100V models within QSC’s PowerLight 3 Series now offer users a robust and reliable AC cable connector with a high-current capacity (32A) designed to meet the needs of high-power distribution systems. The 230V PL380 will also be upgraded from the 20A PowerCon to the new 32A connector.

The new PowerCon connectors are three-pole systems with contacts for phase, neutral and ground and are suitable for use with voltages up to 250V. An inherent part of the PowerCon design, the connector facilitates fast and easy locking, protecting against unintentional disconnects.

VDE, UL cUL and JET approved, the new 32A PowerCon connectors will maintain all existing PL380 safety approvals. PL380 plug types remain unchanged, with the existing NEMA L5-30P plug found on all 120V and 100V PowerLight PL380 amplifiers and a Shuko CEE 7/7 16A Continental European plug still in place on the 230V PL380. All PowerLight PL325 and PL340 amplifiers will retain their existing 20A PowerCon connectors and plug types.

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