Qligent Unveils Automated Impact Analysis Toolset

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Qligent said it has incorporated new automated software tools into the Channel View feature of its Vision cloud monitoring platform to handle signal quality issues.

The new automated Impact Analysis toolset streamlines the previous process of manually collecting data from various Vision probes, which are used to capture signal performance data in the field. Data related to broadcast outages and QoE issues—black, silence, macroblocking—is automatically aggregated into the Channel View window on Vision’s main dashboard, with supporting metrics and analytics that detail the extent of the problem.

For example, monitoring staff—whether handled in-house or outsourced via Qligent’s Oversight monitoring service can now immediately determine how much time a program was interrupted by quality issues or if it was completely off the air. Users can also determine how critical the performance issues were, helping to signal the internal departments to be notified; and whether advertisers were affected in the process.