Qligent Releases New Version of Vision Monitoring Platform

(Image credit: Qligent)

MELBOURNE, Fla.—Qligent is rolling out the latest edition, version 3.10, of its Vision software for media monitoring and analysis.

Vision v3.10 is free to existing customers with a valid support contract and running on the Linux CentOS platform. Among its new features is full integration with Wasabi’s cloud platform for agnostic video, audio and data storage and retention. It is also designed to strengthen security, improve measurement and more efficiently communicate performance through scheduled reports.

As part of the integration with Wasabi, Vision’s enhanced security features are now fully compliant with Wasabi’s enterprise-class cloud environments, which allow Qligent customers to leverage Wasabi’s low data storage costs, fast uploads and downloads, unlimited capacity and redundant infrastructure.

The Vision update also strengthens stream measurement for cable and telco customers, enabling them to scramble each sub-stream within each transport stream at the physical layer. This allows for greater insight into QoS monitoring for the stream’s video, audio and data.

In addition, with broader access to on-demand reports, Vision v3.10 enables customers to schedule enhanced reports detailing media performance at specific times. The reports use Vision’s real-time data inherent analysis capabilities to gather information and generate detailed reports on Vision’s dashboard.

Vision v3.10 is now available. For more information, visit www.qligent.com (opens in new tab).