Qligent Foresight Released as Predictive Analysis Tool

(Image credit: Qligent)

MELBOURNE, Fla.—Qligent is now sharing its second-generation, cloud-based predictive analysis platform Foresight, which uses AI, machine learning and big data to handle content distribution issues. Foresight is designed to provide real-time 24/7 data analytics based on system performance and user behavior.

The Foresight platform aggregates data points from end user equipment, including set-top boxes, smart TVs and iOS and Android devices, as well as CDN logs, stream monitoring data, CRMs, support ticketing systems, network monitoring systems and other hardware monitoring systems. 

With scalable cloud processing, Foresight’s integrated AI and machine learning provide automated data collection, while deep learning technology mines data from layers of data. Big data technology then correlates and aggregates the data for quality assurance.

Foresight features networked and virtual probes that create a controlled data mining environment, which Qligent says is not compromised by operator error, viewer disinterest, user hardware malfunction or other variables.

Users can access customizable reports that summarize key performance indicators, key quality indicators and other criteria for multiplatform content distribution. All findings are presented on Qligent’s dashboard, which is accessible on a computer or mobile device.

The Qligent Foresight system is available immediately. For more information, visit www.qligent.com (opens in new tab).