ProMax Shipping ProMedia Converter

ProMax is now shipping its new ProMedia Converter.

ProMedia Converter is a professional SD digital/analog converter box that features:

* Composite, S-video and component analog video I/O with reference input;
* SMPTE 259M-C SDI, with 4-channels embedded audio, I/O;
* 4-channel balanced analog audio I/O (XLRs);
* 2-channel unbalanced analog audio I/O (1/4 Phono);
* 4-channel AES-EBU digital audio I/O (XLRs);
* Compressed (DV) or uncompressed as stand alone (10/8-Bit) Video and (16/20/24-Bit) Audio over 400 MBit 1394;
* Pro quality 12-Bit A/D and D/A for Analog Video I/O; 24-Bit A/D and D/A for Analog Audio I/O;
* RS-422 tape deck control with loop thru from PC;
* 128 x 64 graphics LCD panel for local user control;
* Web based (10-100 Ethernet) remote control and firmware update;
* NTSC and PAL support; 110/220V AC @ 10 watts;

The rack-mountable converter is operational as standalone with Avid Xpress, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video 5 or DV camcorders/decks.