Products - December 2002


GY-DV5000U Camcorder

JVC's most recent addition to its DV range is the GY-DV-5000U camcorder. The 3 x 1/2-inch CCD digital camcorder is a follow-up to the GY-DV500 and has a complete set of professional features capable of recording on both Mini-DV and DV format tapes. It extends both the performance and recording capabilities of its predecessor and incorporates the streaming capabilities first developed for the current GY-DV300 "streamcorder." The optional network pack is fitted to the back of the new camcorder, allowing live or file (CF) card streaming. Additionally, this facility enables camera settings to be adjusted from anywhere in the world via a Web browser.


MCLite Master Control Switcher

PESA Switching Systems recently introduced its MCLite digital master control switcher. MCLite is a compact, low-cost, multichannel standard definition master control switcher designed to meet the master control needs of the modern broadcast facility. Features include multichannel SDTV operation, a compact A/B mix-effects processor, up to four keying layers, a logo keyer with internal storage, extensive logo management software, optional DVE squeezeback, AES and embedded audio processing, automation and GPIO interfaces, redundant power supplies, and relay bypass protection.

Z-3000/CR-D10 Camcorder

Hitachi has come out with the world's first professional DVD-RAM camcorder, the Z-3000/CR-D10. The camcorder is designed primarily for field acquisition and records digital video from Z-3000 series professional DSP cameras directly as computer files onto the DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc. The recorder employs variable MPEG-2 compression and uses the DVD Forum specification for video recording, DVD-VR. Windows, OS/X, Linux, and Unix can read and write to the DVD-RAM and are compatible with DVD-VR specifications.

Ross Video
Squeeze & Tease/Ultimatte Insider Options

Ross Video has added two options to the Synergy 100 Digital Production Switcher: Squeeze & Tease 3D DVE and the Ultimatte Insider matting device. The Squeeze & Tease 3D option (which was recently enhanced to include Sequences, 3D "Wipe" Transitions, Lighting, Preprocessor Effects, and Object Creation) provides two channels of 3D DVE effects to the Synergy 100, enabling transitions, over-the-shoulder boxes, and the ability to fly and transition any type of key. The Synergy 100 provides two high-quality chromakeyers in both Key 1 and Key 2. The Ultimatte Insider provides advanced keying in super-critical applications.

Weather Central
StormSentinel! Upgrade

Weather Central recently offered an upgrade to its StormSentinel! System. The upgrade enables users to enhance their ability to depict and communicate information to viewers about life- and property-threatening severe weather events. StormSentinel! provides up-to-the-second meteorological data about storms as well as a range of professional graphics that stations can use to build their severe weather coverage brands.

Home Viewing Act
Motorola/Cox Communications DCP501 Home Theater System
Motorola Broadband Communications and Cox Communications have teamed up for the first retail launch of the Motorola DCP501 home theater system in Cox's Hampton Roads, VA system.

The Motorola DCP501 is packed with the capabilities of a DVD/CD/MP3 player, with digital 5.1 sound, an AM/FM stereo receiver, and an interactive digital cable receiver. According to Motorola and Cox, this launch represents the first home theater product of its kind available for consumer purchase in retail stores.

Book Smart: Newnes Guide to Digital TV
By Richard Brice