Àccom has introduced the WSD/HDe multi-definition digital disk recorder, based on the company’s WSD platform. It captures both standard definition and high definition uncompressed video content, provides realtime playback for rendered material, and offers plug-and-play operation. It has 2.5 hours of built-in recording capacity at the 24p format and RAID-3 parity protection for video with redundant mirrored disks for audio.



Audio-Technica has brought the AT897 line + gradient condenser microphone to market. It is a short shotgun microphone that can be mounted on a DV camcorder without adding noticeable heft. The condenser element features excellent on-axis response, while its line + gradient polar pattern provides exceptional sound rejection from the sides and rear of the mic.

Cobalt Digital


Cobalt Digital has released the HD8021 HD/SD up/down/ cross converter. It allows users to view HD-SDI or SDI signals on a wide range of monitors including HD (analog or digital), SD (analog or digital), or XGA analog. It accepts dual-rate HD/SD SMPTE-292 digital inputs and can upconvert or downconvert the incoming signal.


Hanabi HVS-1000HS

FOR-A has introduced the new Hanabi HVS-1000HS switcher, a one mix/ effect version of the two M/E Hanabi HVS-3000H/S digital HD or SD switchers. It supports 1080i, 24p, 720p, and standard definition formats. Two types of operation units are available for different applications—the HVS-1000EOU and HVS-1000LOU.


Digital EXCELLinx

Force has introduced Model 3762 Digital EXCELLinx, a fiber optic digital transport platform linking broadcasters to broadband video distribution systems. The systems transports all combinations of broadcast formats while providing users a wide range of control options and telemetry information. Offered in a 1RU optical terminal, it will multiplex two channels of digital or analog formats in any combination, depending on the user’s system requirements.

Laird Telemedia

Laird Telemedia has announced the WaveShot, an integrated miniature on-camera wireless video transmitting system with built-in battery clip. Sony or Canon camera batteries can clip on to the WaveShot’s bracket to power the transmitter. It can transmit an image wirelessly to any UHF-ready pocket or tabletop TV, up to 3,000 feet.

Leader Electronics

LV5700 Option

Leader Electronics has introduced a new option for the LV5700 multi-standard HD/SD waveform monitor. The LV5700A is equipped with analog NTSC/PAL composite and 525/625 component I/O. Two composite inputs and one switched output are provided. When operated in component mode, the LV5700A can display Y/Pb/Pr levels as RGB.



Panasonic has announced an enhanced version of its multi-format/ multi-standard mastering VTR, the AJ-HD3700B. It can record and playback both 625 PAL and 525 NTSC D-5 cassettes, as well as D-5 tapes from all previous models. It provides full-bandwidth 4:2:2 digital 10-bit component recording with 74.25 MHz (Y) and 37.125 MHz (Pb/Pr) sampling in HD formats.

Utah Scientific


Utah Scientific has announced the SqueezeMAX digital master control effects and graphics system. Designed for use in conjunction with the company’s MC-2020 digital master control switcher, the SqueezeMAX combines a two-channel video effects unit with a graphics system for automated branding applications, alerts, and information tickers.