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Production Intercom adds IP9000 Connect

Production Intercom has added the IP900 Connect Internet/intercom interface to its line of products.

The IP900 allows any Internet-capable device to become part of any intercom system.

Internet-capable devices, such as laptop computers or smart phones located virtually anywhere in the world, can signal, call and listen to an intercom system as if they were there.

A remote party can communicate with the click of a mouse, stylus or any input device. The remote computer can be equipped with the Production Intercom DMH220 USB communication headset, connected directly to the USB port. Portable devices can be equipped with the Production Intercom SMH610 communication headset.

The IP900 connects to an intercom system with a three-pin XLR. It connects to the LAN/WAN using Cat 5 cable. Software is provided on a USB memory stick. The program may be run directly from the memory stick or loaded onto the device.

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