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Network Electronics Flashlink converter

HD multi-rate optical/electrical converter and transponder for the Flashlink platform; can be configured as an electrical-to-optical, optical-to-electrical or optical-to-optical converter.

Thales Affinity

Low-power UHF digital transmitter; available in powers from 50 to 1000 W; uses Thales DAP exciter and can be reused for future high power upgrades.


GRANITE provides multichannel transport QoS monitoring; MERCURY MPEG analyzer offers off-line analysis for MHP, data broadcast and ISDB data; COBALT is an IP-over-MPEG analyzer.

Dielectric TLP-TMP

Low- and medium-power UHF DTV/NTSC antennas for low-power UHF DTV applications; 7 kW power maximum input in the standard configuration.

Euphonix Max Air

96-channel digital audio mixing console; each channel strip provides four-band fully parametric EQ, two filters, a dedicated mix minus, surround panning and dynamics section.

Calrec Sigma 100

Digital production console with input modules that provide four-band EQ, separate filters, compressor/limiter/expander, gate, surround and stereo panning, and mix-minus outputs.
+44 (0) 1422 842159;

Clear-Com i-series intercom stations

Available in 35 configurations; front-panel modules include a key module, a non-display key module and blank modules.

Harris Apex

Exciter samples output of transmitter's mask filter; makes adjustments automatically; assures FCC mask compliance in the 500 kHz out-of-band regions.

Florical AirBoss L and AirBoss LT

Play-to-air solution for single- or two-channel stations; Air Boss L handles on-air commercial insertion of single channel; compatible with VDCP protocol video servers and Sony protocol VTRs.

Communications Specialties Pure Digital Fiberlink 3440

Fiber optic transmission system provides all digital processing and transmission of video and four channels of audio over one fiber; compatible with NTSC, PAL or SECAM.

Thales TH 790 IOT

Delivers 35 kW average DTV power and 84 kW peak power in combined applications.
+33 (0) 1 30 70 35 00

Leitch FCR2180 and FCR2185 servers

Use 181 GByte drives with 2 Gbit Fibre Channel architecture and VRMediaNet media management; increases server capacity over one FC loop to more than 100 channels and 18 TBytes of storage.

Leitch dpsVelocityQ

NLE editor features real-time simultaneous playback of four video streams in any combination of uncompressed or compressed video; six graphics streams.

Nextream Maestream

MPEG-2 server provides frame-accurate, seamless ad insertion on CBR or VBR streams; part of a complete end-to-end solution.
+33 (0) 1 34 20 71 01

360 Systems Ethernet Audio

Ethernet Audio network distributes stereo programming within the broadcast facility; provides centralized audio storage.

Leitch NEWSFlash-II

Newsroom editing system is integrated with Leitch's new VRMediaNet media manager; incorporates NEWSFlash-II craft editor, BrowseCutter-II and InstantOnline-II.

Encoda Systems DALA-6500

Channel manager provides frame-accurate automation; scalable within a standard playout environment; provides multichannel functionality.

Ai Quantum QXD

UHF transmitter is capable of power levels up to 120 kW; average 8-VSB and DVB-T; relies on IOT technology; 470 MHz to 810 MHz; up to 30 kW average per HPA.

Solid State Logic XL 9000K mixer

Provides full 5.1 surround architecture and increased bandwidth and resolution for DVD audio; signal path optimized for DVD-A and SACD; six-channel monitor insert.

Solid State Logic MT Version 6

Digital console features selectable moving/non-moving fader control surface; allows mixer to set a balance on a group of faders, assign those faders to a master and then close that master.

Forecast Consoles MasteRail DDMS

Furniture system is available in a modular component consoles style and an ImageMaster workstation; all devices mount universally anywhere along the rail and are independent.

Thales Paragon multi-stage depressed collector IOT digital transmitter

Offers an increase in transmission efficiency of up to 2x vs. a conventional IOT, and 4x that of a solid-state transmitter.

Miranda Master Control Glass Cockpit

Master control system for managing multichannel broadcast applications; combines elements of branding, on-air presentations switching and monitoring.

Miranda iControl Web site creator

Users create custom representations of broadcast installations and facilities; can also create a customized Web site that permits use of low-bit-rate, low-latency streaming video to monitor signals.

Miranda Oxtel Imagestore HDTV

HD logo insertion system and still store; modular, automated mixing and channel-branding system; expands from logo inserter and branding processor to a multichannel MC switcher; A/B video mixing; EAS support.

IBM Digital Media Factory

Broadcast/production system provides a set of scalable, flexible products to handle broadcast and production tasks; Digital Content Creation provides 2-D/3-D rendering animation and NLE tool based on Linux.

Pixel Instruments VS5200

Universal synchronizer with TBC features a 10-bit frame synchronizer; built-in TBC offers auto mode select; transcodes from any selected input to all outputs simultaneously; has a wide range output timing and digital proc amp.

Triveni Digital GuideBuilder

System allows broadcaster to collect, translate, manage and generate PSIP data compliant signals; provides remote departmental user interfaces; fault tolerant multiplexer-based table playout.

Audio Specialties Group/Systems Wireless HME System 800

Wireless intercom provides for full-duplex communications at distances up to half a mile; interfaces to any two-, three- or four-wire intercom systems; optional two-channel upgrade.

Thomson Broadcast cameras

New cameras include two versions of the LDK 6000 Mk II HD/digital cinematography camera and the LDK 5000 SD camera; the LDK 6000 Mk II family uses three 9.2 million-pixel HD-DPM+ CCD sensors.

Thomson Broadcast Trinix 512

Routing switcher able to route both SD and HD signals in the same frame; supports 3 Mbits/s to 1.486 Gbits/s signals; uses advanced alarm monitoring software.

Shotoku Crescent fluid head

Adjustable for large cameras; provides balance with a counterbalance module that is continually adjustable without changing camera height; 60 degrees of range.

Tektronix WFM90D/91D

Handheld battery-powered, composite analog and SD-SDI component digital waveform monitor; variety of display modes including picture and vectorscope.

Avid DS and DS HD v 6.0

Media composers offer enhanced conform capabilities; further integrate HD finishing into the Avid platform; full-featured effects, compositing and HD finishing capabilities.

Avid Xdeck

Ingest device automatically records material directly into the Avid Unity for News, Unity MediaNet and Unity LANshare shared media networks.

Omneon MCP 2101 MediaServer

Manages the file system and controls disk drives through three FCA loops, using eight IEEE 1394 busses interfaced to Omneon video and audio I/O devices.

Fortel DTV FS-414A

Video synchronizer incorporates the new Perfect-Palette legalizer and optional full RGB color corrector, dual inputs, SDI or composite with Fortel proprietary 12-bit adaptive comb filter.

Fortel DTV RCP-303

Integrity Express control panel can be combined with the FRM-304 Integrity system frame to provide access to multiple signal conversion and synchronization products.

Fujinon Cine-style lenses

Five new Cine-style lenses provide enhanced speed and image quality while retaining film-like markings and operation.

Fujinon HD ENG lenses

HD quality for field work; HA13×4.5BERM/BERD has 93.6 degree horizontal view field; HA22×7.8BERM/BERD is a telephoto lens with an f1.8 maximum relative aperture.

Chyron DigiBox CODI

Stand-alone graphics and animation system houses one or two cards in a self-contained 1RU frame; can read and replay iNFiNiT! messages as well as most graphics files.

Chyron Duet LEX

CG system with 2-D and 3-D animations; includes Lyric content creation and playout software featuring iNFiNiT!

Optibase VideoPump HD 811

High-definition interface platform that offers support for both embedded audio conforming to SMPTE 272M as well as AES/EBU audio, which can be acquired, de-multiplexed from the input serial digital signal and stored on the host computer, as well as played back synchronized with the video stream.

Panasonic AJ-SDC915

2/3-inch IT 3-CCD camcorder provides 25 Mbits/s 4:1:1 DVCPRO and EFP quality 50 Mbits/s 4:2:2 DVCPRO50 modes in either the 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 aspect ratio.


AJ-SD930 and AJ-SD955 DVCPRO50 editing VTRs

Dual-format camera system provides 1080i performance and optional 480i acquisition; equipped with next-generation digital processing LSIs and 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion circuits.

Snell & Wilcox Ingest Station

Professional SD/HD MPEG mastering solution, file-based content storage and repurposing system; incorporates Prefix MPEG preprocessing and Ph.C motion compensation.

Snell & Wilcox Alchemist Platinum

Ph.C standards converter is capable of future upgrades and options; provides 12-bit processing; HD upconversion and video-to-film processing now available.

Wheatstone D-8000

Console features hot-swappable modules; four stereo mix busses; six VU meters; any mix of digital and analog inputs; AES and balanced analog I/O.

Discreet switchable storage

Provides extended workflow environment for Discreet Stone and Wire solutions; supports all of Discreet's advanced editing and finishing systems.

TANDBERG Television nCompass

Modular monitoring system providing integrated control and supervision of a variety of applications and technology; provides open environment for automatic monitoring.

TANDBERG Television Voyager Lite

End-to-end system of wireless backpack transmitter with MPEG encoding, RF transmission and control, antennas, downconversion and a range of IRDs.

Inscriber AutoCG Max

Character generator fills tagged data files of Inscriber layouts with live data from popular news vendors; option to interface with MOS systems.

Quartz Q256 SD/HD router

Provides both SD and HD routing in the same compact frame; configurations from 256×256 to 1024×1024; flexible I/O expansion.

Quartz QMC

Master control switcher provides four keyers, two voice-overs, built-in logo store and critical redundant features; emergency and relay bypass on all inputs.

SeaChange Broadcast MediaLibrary 24000

Provides millions of petabytes of media content; handles any media type from HD to MPEG-1; scaled incrementally to more than 16 TBytes of RAID-5 storage per rack.

Forecast Consoles ImageMaster series

Pre-engineered line of consoles can be used in linear, nonlinear, multimedia and graphics applications.

Midas B2000

Console is designed specifically for TV studios and mobile video production; supports all broadcast standards; provides mono, stereo, surround, 5.1 or 7.1 outputs.

Stagetec Cantus Mk II

Digital mixing console is designed for post-production applications and remote production; eight output program busses capable of supporting stereo, surround, 4.1, 5.1 and 6.1 outputs.
+49 30163 99 02 0;

KTech SPG-100

Generates all required PSIP tables including STT, RRT, VCT, MGT and four static EIT; creates and stores virtual channel information for up to six program streams.

FOR-A digiStorm

Turnkey 3-D on-air graphics solution; provides real-time, high-quality 3-D CG graphics animation for sports, weather, mapping and statistics box applications.

Harris Ranger

Low-power, solid-state ATSC UHF transmitter; available in 460 W or 900 W power levels.


Digital disk recorder serves as a platform for HD and SD; features an integrated disk array; configured for standard record capacity of 22 minutes of uncompressed 1080i/60 HD video; expanding storage option.

DataDirect Networks S2A 3000

Silicon storage appliance provides aggregate bandwidth up to 400 Mbytes/s for one to eight compute nodes; manages network environments ranging from 500 GBytes to 7 TBytes.

Dayang X-edit

Core of the X-series post-production system; integrated with X-CG to provide real-time graphic creation capability.
+86 10 62569111

BOXXTechnologies HDBOXX

Editor offers variable frame rate support for Panasonic's AJ-HDC27 Varicam HD cinema camera; features 10-bit and eight-bit YUV and eight-bit RGB support.

Devlin Design Group/Darim Vision SoftSet-VS2000 solution

Combines DDG's SoftSet with Darim's VS2000 PC platform; includes hardware, operating system and three semi-custom virtual environments for news, sports and entertainment applications.

Synthesys Research HD292

HD video test system with time code analyzes the output of HD recording systems to identify signal errors and finds specific clips as needed; supports HD formats including film-oriented segmented-frame formats.

Editware Fastrack VS

Hybrid editing system is designed to interface with and control disk-based video servers, VTRs, mixers, switchers, character generators and other peripheral devices.

Extron QSD 204

Video decoder features four-line adaptive comb filter; accepts composite video, S-video or component video on three inputs; configurable for an SDI input.

eyeon Software Digital Fusion 3.1

Able to output Web-ready text animation to Flash; spreadsheet format for editing frames; offers new timeline filters to allow users to customize the sequence of tools and keyframe information.

Harmonic NSG 8200

Based on standard Gigabit Ethernet and ASI interfaces; features an MPEG-2 multiplexing core; supports centralized VOD architectures and Gigabit Ethernet-based cascading.


Digital audio console features an intuitive channel-strip-based design and 24-bit, 96 kHz operation; has strip-by-strip routing buttons and display.

PatchAmp PA-3200

A 4RU high density DA frame holds up to 32 1×5 DA modules; uses coaxial connections; low insertion loss mid plane design provides 75Ω from signal in to signal out.

Incite Editor

Runs on Matrox DigiSuite platforms and Windows 2000; optional support for Matrox MAX; features multiple real-time FX, multi-layer mixing capabilities and live input editing.
+41 22 3085757;


Console is based on the VADIS 880 digital audio/media platform; features one-button Store and Recall and mic, analog line and AES/EBU/S-PDIF digital line inputs.

Sundance Digital NewsLink

Automation system provides control and management that interlocks video servers, editors and newsroom computers; features on-air interface and master system databasing.

PESA Switching Systems SMC 3000

Compact multichannel SD master control switcher; 16 channels can be controlled from single control panel.

Leitch Neo

Plug-and-play modules; advanced interface automatically recognizes each card and updates its technical parameters; features NEOSCOPE and confidence monitoring.

Scientific-Atlanta Transis RateCompressor

Employs new Intellirate transrating technologies such as closed-loop processing; can handle large bit-rate reductions.

Livewave Contingency News Gathering

Manage camera movements in real time by remote control; allows recording in DV50, DV25 or MPEG-2 formats; camera feed can record to a local hard drive and remote networks.

Opticomm DVX 104

Video transmission system; addition to the Digiband family transmits one SDI with four external audio channels or two stereo AES/EBU signals at up to 270 Mbits/s over one single-mode fiber.


PVTV News CR4000

Production automation system features enhanced video, keyer, audio and control capabilities; performs back-to-back transitions with up to five upstream key layers.

Pathfire Digital Media Gateway

Users can aggregate content from a variety of sources; content arrives automatically on DMG servers at stations; minimizes the need to schedule or monitor satellite feeds.

Sencore TMS 1780

Monitors 8-VSB signals, transport streams and video in one unit; can tune to any UHF/VHF channel and monitor the 8-VSB parameters needed to qualify the RF signal.

SGI (Silicon Graphics) DMediaPro DM5

New option for the Octane2 visual workstation; real-time preview of high-resolution, color-converted imagery without rendering.

Panasonic AK-HC931

Studio camera supports variable frame rate capture at 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 40 fps over 60 fps for off-speed acquisition; operates at 480i resolution; converts 720p HD signal to 480i SD output.

Telestream FlipFactory TrafficManager

Gateway automation system automates receipt and redistribution of commercials and other digital media at TV stations; detects incoming media from a variety of digital sources.

Teranex StarFilm

Incorporates advanced algorithms for grain removal, dirt concealment and noise reduction for SD and HD material.

Trilogy Mercury VOIP intercom system

Box equipped with Mercury and application software forms network between existing digital matrix communication networks and Mercury's VoIP Ethernet system.
+44 1264 384000

Pinnacle Vortex

News editing software features easy-to-use graphical environment; allows for drag-and-drop storyboard editing and timeline-based editing for video, audio and titles.

Vela RapidAccess Version 3.0

New version of MPEG-2 video server adds enhanced playlist functionality and support for HD playout; offers options for simultaneous encoding in multiple formats.

Vitec Multimedia MultiPEG

Multichannel, multi-board MPEG encoder; can be used as a four-channel real-time standard MPEG compression board for network streaming.

Equator Technologies BSP-15

Digital signal processor supports Microsoft Widows Media video endcoding and decoding solutions; enables Widows Media playback at resolutions up to 720p.

Multidyne RGB-2000

Fiber-optic transport system carries RGB and XVGA signals plus various configurations of H and V sync over three fibers; total system bandwidth up to 500 MHz.

Sony MSW-900

Professional camcorder records images in MPEG I-frame format at a bit rate of 50 Mbits/s; uses digital signal processing technology and 12-bit analog-to-digital converters.

Magni AVM-510A-T

Automated video monitor measures analog transmitter signal; displays and monitors incidental carrier phase modulation, differential gain and differential phase for both NTSC and PAL environments.

Gepco 552624GFC

Digital audio multi-pair; interconnects digital audio, consoles, recorders, processors and routers; features a 110 Ω impedance, low jitter and attenuation.

Media 100 844/X

Nonlinear editor and digital video effects workstation uses media supercomputer that delivers 420 MBytes/s sustained throughput.

Multicast Technologies Digital Express (DEx)

Digital asset management and distribution system provides point-and-click method to distribute content and verify that it was received intact; scalable worldwide reach; database integration.

Astro Systems GG-161

PCI-64 bus-compatible HD-SDI frame-memory board allows input and output of HD-SDI signal with external HD devices; has one channel of HD-SDI input and three channels of HD-SDI output.

DK-Audio de-embedder module

SDI input module allows integration of SDI embedded audio into DK Audio's MSD600M audio-metering tool; up to four modules can be installed for a total of 32 SDI channels.
+45 44 85 02 55;

Audio Processing Technology E1/T1

Multichannel audio compression/decompression system features full-duplex operation; analog and AES/EBU digital I/O; 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling frequencies.

Quantel iQ

Media platform is abile to work in fully uncompressed, video of any resolution in real time, all on the same timeline; no need to convert or compress.
+44 1635 815891;

Radamec Scenario XR

Renders sets in real time including reflections and refractions of live inserted elements; allows 360-degree background images.

FOR-A Hanabi

Digital video mix/effects switcher available in three new SD versions and three new HD versions; all six models have four still stores.

MassTech Group MassStore

Archive management system offers 1000 to 100,000 plus hours of fully managed storage; 18,000 hours of content fits into one rack; direct interface to video server and automation infrastructure.

Neutrik EtherCon

Cable carrier features D-sized receptacles in vertical and IDC terminations; includes a new chassis type for vertical PCB mount.

Studer Vista 7

Digital console's DSP core uses parallel processing architecture with an internal word length of 40 bits; system can be used in 48 kHz or 96 kHz mode; audio interfaces offer full 24-bit resolution between 32 and 54 kHz.
+41 1 870 75 11;

Logitek Remora digital console

Small, modular surface for Logitek's audio engine; main control module incorporates fader input selection, monitor and headphone controls, and stereo VU meters along with four faders.

Lectrosonics miniature transmitter

70 mW output with an RF circulator/isolator; battery status and audio input levels are indicated by LEDs on the side panel.

Visual Matrix XBox

Video converter provides conversion between multiple video formats including HD, SD digital video and computer RGB video; features complete aspect ratio controls and image enhancement filters.

Pixel Power Clarity2

Graphics system features dual AMD Athlon MP1900+ processors and multiple pixel processors; available in SD and HD configurations; supports optional clip player.

Fujifilm DV131

DVCAM cassette provides up to 184 minutes of digital video recording and higher C/N ratio stability; offers improved still-frame video, tracking and playout.

Applied Magic ScreenPlay

Edit four stereo channels, including full audio envelope control and audio scrubbing; add titles, transitions, special effects and color effects.

Dolby Laboratories DP564

Multichannel audio decoder decides and monitors Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround and PCM soundtracks; features two AES inputs, an optical input, a linear time code output, and an Ethernet port.

Digigram EtherSound

Network audio device creates low-latency audio networks using standard Ethernet cabling and components; connects digital audio sources to networked devices.

ADC Unipatch

Modular patching system features a universal chassis that allows users to combine data, audio and video patching modules in a single 2RU modular panel; supports custom configurations.

Pandora MooreMegaDef

Software-based hardware acceleration engine for image processing; includes a dual primary color corrector; processing is performed at up to 16-bit resolution in real time.
+44 1474 5610000

Genelec LSE series active subs

7071A is designed for stereo or multichannel applications; 7070A employs a single 12-inch proprietary driver; 7060A features a 10-inch proprietary driver.

Audio-Technica AT4040

Microphone minimizes unwanted internal reflections; features extended flat frequency response and a wide dynamic range; can handle high SPLs.

Florical ShowTimer Version 2.0

Capable of automating program asset acquisition with control of satellite antenna/receiver systems, routing switchers, VTRs and video servers.

Digital Voodoo HD Fury

Video card allows users to work with uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 HD-SDI 10-bit YCbrCR video; supports 1080i, 1080psf and 720p television systems with SMPTE 292/296 video input and output.

Brick House Video VTB-1D

Four-input switcher capable of operating as a stand-alone unit or as a rack-mounted switcher; manual and auto wipe, manual and auto dissolve and auto fade to black.
+44 23 8067 6026

NTI Digilyzer

Includes audio signal analysis, ancillary data interpretation and carrier signal analysis; handles AES3 signals, unbalanced S/PDIF and ADAT signals.

Rohde & Schwarz ETX

Monitoring receiver provides quality control in broadcast networks; provides measurement functions to monitor the quality of digital broadcasting.
+49 89 4129-13779

Odetics AIRO Delivery Manager

Single screen for playlist and presentation editing; user configurable screen layout.

Standard Communications SDR422CI

Fully MPEG-2 and DVB compliant receiver; the unit is plug-compatible with the Alteiaplus IRD, and responds to the same remote control commands; optional SRC4 remote control.

Telescript Ultimate Field/ENG

Features HiBrite Performance to deliver easy-to-read text in any lighting condition; features Telescript's FPS-120 Field/ENG flat-panel teleprompter.

Canon VB-C10

Combines a compact, user-controlled pan/tilt/zoom camera with a network server.

Canon HD-EC 2002

Zoom and prime lenses all utilize Hi-UD glass and Fluorite; all lenses exhibit high MTF with significantly reduced aberrations; HD-EC 2002 zoom lenses have been refined.

Thales Angenieux Optimo 12×9.7 HD

12×9.7 HD zoom lens features an optical design combined with proprietary high-resolution glass; features the same optics as the Optimo 12×9.7 24 to 290 mm film lens.

Thales Angenieux 26×7.8AIF

High-definition and high-resolution series telephoto zoom lens; offers a focal range of 7.8mm to 203mm.

Videotek FSM-15R

Single-rack, standard 15-inch SVGA monitor for use with Videotek's VTM-200, VTM-300 and VTM-400 series of products, or any SVGA-capable computer.

Barco IQ G300

Projector's picture-in-picture feature allows the presenter to display up to four resizable source windows on the screen simultaneously.
770-218-3212; Point

Video writing tool suited to live productions; tools enable the operator to concentrate on the commentary or presentation.
+44 7949 085178;

Hamlet Protean 292 Digi Gen

High-definition signal generator provides comprehensive range of test signals; generates 100 percent and 75 percent bars, bowtie, sweep, and phase-locked loop test patterns.

Larcan Magnum 2.5 kW

Transmitter is scalable from 2.5 kW to 5 kW, 10 kW and 20 kW; features Larcan's 2 kW PA circuitry with LDMOS technology; redundant amplifiers and power supplies.

Axcera DTValue

Compact DTV transmission system; includes a Dolby 5.1 encoder, an SD encoder and an 8-VSB signal/transport stream/video monitoring package.

BUF Technology VTC-4000

Controller for up to 10 RS-422 VTRs, DDRs, and/or server channels; frame-accurate editing and synch rolls plus synched looping.

Microwave Radio Communications REPORTER

Wireless camera-mounted transmitter with inboard COFDM and MPEG with remote control software.

Ikegami TDP-370H

HD portable switcher with 2M/E busses and multi-standard operation in 1080p/24p, 1035i and 720p; two built-in keyers and up to 16 inputs and six output busses available.

Ikegami HDK-720P

2/3" native 720p CCD portable camera in a flexible, field-ready package.

Aspen Electronics Roq-4000 Pro

Portable four-channel fast charger for Aspen NiMH and NiCD brick-style batteries; equipped with an internal microprocessor that monitors the charging of four batteries simultaneously.

Belden Electronics Division Brilliance 1505F

Flexible version of Belden's 1505A RG-59 digital video coaxial cable; designed for use in patch bays, mobile studio trucks, field locations and studio setting.

Ross Video DAC-9013-R video converter

Program path SDI to analog composed and component conversion; -R version has reclocked SDI outputs; 10-bit DAC; 10-bit data processing.

Videoframe VTECS

Cost-effective approach to monitoring signals using VTECS enterprise monitoring software; stores signal monitoring information in a database of log messages.

Andrew DTV triple-mode filter

Designed for medium-power digital TV broadcast systems; features all-aluminum construction and patented thermal compensation.

Broadcast Technology DTVD 1000

MPEG-2 decoder features ASI input; supports MPEG-2 4:2:2 video and audio; offers a conditional-access module slot, embedded audio outputs, SDI and analog video outputs, and embedded audio output.
+44 1264 332633;

BT Broadcast Services optical fiber service

Carries a permanent 622 Mbits/s transatlantic service linking London to Los Angeles via New York; new portfolio of services includes the company's FacilityLine at 270 Mbits/s.
+44 20 7555 0037;

Canopus DVStorm

Software update to nonlinear editor allows DVStorm to deliver five simultaneous real-time video streams; features more than 23 real-time filters.

CPIWireless Solutions (K2)2

UHF amplifier for use with 8-VSB, COFDM and similar modulation schemes; features an advanced electromagnetic compatibility designed input circuit.

Discreet cleaner streaming studio

Interoperable suite for Webcasting, editing, authoring and publishing of on-demand or live event Web content; includes cleaner live, cinestream and cleaner.

Doremi Labs V1-MP2

MPEG-2 disk recoder offers simultaneous record and playback capability and MPEG-2 4:2:2 video compression (up to 50 Mbits/s); drop-in replacement for a videotape recorder of any format.

Dremedia iTVNow

Provides automatic delivery of interactive content via multiple channels; makes recommendations based on automatic categorization of content.

Ensemble Designs Avenue

Provides a full complement of conversion for video and audio, along with distribution amplifiers and synchronizaton.

eMotion MediaPartner 4.1

Digital media management software offers added functionality including a customizable brand management project workflow, IPTC tag support and eMotion Viewer.

EVS Broadcast Equipment CleanEdit

Virutal nonlinear editor; workstations become an integrated multi-user production environment when paired with a server; nonlinear editing is performed along a timeline with drag-and-drop operation.

Northrop Grumman CEA Tubes

IOT technology with a multiple stage depressed collector, allowing the CEAs to operate at a total power conversion efficiency of about 60 percent; correctable average power output of 30 kW.

Eyeheight Eyesight

Data monitoring system allows DTV broadcasters to monitor metadata throughout a distributed network; comprises nine compatible modules including AU-2 audio descriptor and ID-2 Eye-Dentify SDI source verifier.
+44 1923 256 000;


Business management system supports acquisition, program management, planning, scheduling, library and media management, and compliance and EPG preparation.
+44 1458 851150;

Irdeto Access Plsys

DVB conditional access system designed for large-scale satellite DTH, cable, IPTV and terrestrial broadcasting; features blockout control, positive and negative entitlements, and IRD.

Mathematical Technologies DubCheck

Software tool for verification of video and audio transfers from source to tape; runs on either SGO or PC platforms with integrated video and audio I/O.

Scopus Network Technologies RTM-3300

1RU system offers up to 10 inputs for medium-size headends and digital turnaround applications; features include statistical multiplexing support and advanced remultiplexing.

OmniBus Systems Colossus

Provides a timeline display, allowing the operator to monitor the status of up to 1000 channels and focus in on any single stream and confirm its data.

OmniTek OmniGen

Provides all the common test signals used in standard-definition and high-definition applications; can generate resolution-independent images for data transfer.
+44 1256 88 1110;

Pixelmetrix DVStation-Q

Four-port, 2RU version of DVStation for remote applications for regional and local monitoring applications; features two hot-swappable redundant power supplies.

Scopus Network Technologies IVG-6100

DVB MPEG-2 platform allows content to be delivered over broadband IP networks into the home or corporate office space by telecom and other service providers.

Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0

Digital audio editing and mastering system; enhancements include nondestructive audio editing, multitask background rendering, DirectX Plug-in Manager and new video render options.

Telecast Fiber Systems Digital Copperhead

Provides SDI and HD compatibility via a two-core, single-mode fiber optic cable; mounts directly onto ENG/DSNG cameras to deliver both digital and analog video.

Video Design Software Synapse

Graphics plug-in allows Quantel operators use of any of the 56-supported Boris AE production-oriented plug-ins, including fast blurs, true optical color correction and displacement mapping.

Evertz X1200

Twelve input routing switchers route SD and HD serial digital signals; X1200S routers are used for 270, 360 and 540 Mbits/s SD signals; X1200H routers are used for 1.5 Gbits/s HDTV signals.

Kasenna MediaBase XMP

Video delivery system supports industry-standard formats; delivers VOD capability across multiple deployment channels with bit rates ranging from 64 Kbits/s to 11 Mbits/s.

Pinnacle Systems CinéWave Classic

Designed for artists and editors who already own Final Cut Pro; delivers uncompressed video for creating graphic-intensive intros, outros, IDs and promos.

Prime Image Digital 50 III

Synchronizes digital video; time-base corrects and synchronizes analog video as well as transcodes.

Quantel generationQ for Post

Provides a common user interface, common toolset and common operating system; consists of the iQ media platform, which offers digital post across the board, 2k performance and digital film.

Telex Communications BTR800

Features two intercom channels, stage announce with relay closure, wireless talkaround, 1440 frequencies and all metal beltpacks.

IDXTechnologies Endura

Allows two E-50 direct mount batteries to be stacked together on a camera back; fits directly onto new cameras that have the wedge-style V-mount already built in; uses the lithium ion technology.

Anton/Bauer Titan Twin

Companion to the Titan 70 camera/power supply; mains input range of 90-250 VAC 50/60 Hz; allows charging of two batteries at once; chemistry independent; provides a charge routine specifically designed for the battery.

Videotek DM-145GCR

Primary analog NTSC RF off-air demodulator; removes ghosting effects; special internal processor accepts an analog off-air RF signal that carries an FCC-mandated GCR reference signal.

Switchcraft SWC MVP/SWC VAP

New line of mid-size video jacks, patchcords and patchbays.

Wohler Technologies VAMP-1

Composite video and two channel analog audio monitor offers the ability to monitor both audio and video from a single analog source; contained in a 2U unit; monitors video in either NTSC or PAL.

ESE Network Time Protocol

Provides a method of putting accurate time information onto a network; includes ES-104, ES-289, ES-299 and ES-911/NTP.

Inscriber CG-FX

Provides ability to combine streams of dynamic data with video and graphics; able to produce graphics and real-time animations while integrating other newswire information.

Folsom Research PresentationMASTER

Designed specifically for systems integrators; supports true seamless switching and superior scaling technology for professional A/V presentations; features eight universal A/V inputs that accept composite (NTSC/PAL), S-video, component, computer and HDTV video.

Bogen Photo Manfrotto 540ART Road Runner

Composed of carbon fiber tubes to support ENG cameras weighing up to 33 lbs; features a integrated automatic mid-level spreader mechanism for quick setup and a multisurface system for all-terrain stability; 100 mm bowl and 75 mm bolt-on adapter to accommodate all popular video heads.

Leader Instruments LV 5700

Rasterizer; XGA TFT color LCD tilt panel; total digital processing; 20 HD+SD-SDI 525/625; Ethernet; digital audio de-embedded displays surround; bargraphs; hex readout all data; AC/DC operation standard; optional auto-HD eye.

Panasonic AG-DVX100

Palm-size mini-DV camcorder captures cinema-style, 24-frame progressive-scanned images; equipped with three newly-developed 1/3-inch 410,000-pixel progressive-scan CCDs.

Modulation Sciences msi 189

Provides simultaneous all-mode reception for SAP, Stereo, and monaural audio via balanced, line level KLR connectors; features a stable synthesized tuner; uses dual antennas inputs; operating channel is selected by jumpers inside the receiver.

Miller Fluid Heads Sprinter

Features include dual, side-action Sprint-Loks, fully variable mid-level spreader, rapid set-up transport clips, sprint-grip carry handle and reinforced 100 mm bowl.

AutoPatch Cat-5

Combines a Category-5 transmitter/receiver set with a high-performance matrix switcher providing all the benefits of twisted-pair signal transmission with full crosspoint control signal routing; available in multiple A-V connector configurations and features special Level Optimization Circuitry providing high-quality signal transmission.

Fiber Options B745AV transmission system

Supports four composite video and eight channels of line-level audio handling standard audio and SAP audio channels; all-digital processing platform features 10-bit video and 24-bit four-channel audio processing.

Winsted Model T2802

Moves laterally on ADA-recognized anti-tip racks with a patent anti-tip bracket; five-cabinet system holds up to 2940 ¾-inch Umatic or 3500 large Betacam tapes in their cases; the individual shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2-inch increments.

Intelsat global satellite services

Broadcast services support satellite news gathering; special events, such as news, sports and entertainment; studio-to-studio; television broadcasting; and direct-to-home.
+44 208 899 6035;

Broadcast Microwave Services Carry-Coder

Module provides wireless digital transmission of audio and video signals; can be installed in a backpack or plugged directly into the back of most professional video cameras; also available in a package for helicopter applications.

Spectrasite Broadcast Group community broadcast facility

Allows multiple broadcasters to use a common transmission site in order to shorten project timelines and preserve capital; Spectrasite obtains the site, gets zoning approval, and builds and manages the facility.

ARRIFLEX 435 Advanced

Camera offers comprehensive accessories and new interfaces for applications including motion control to in-camera effects with speed ramps; features an electronically adjustable mirror shutter; new minimum frame rate has been reduced to 0.1 fps.

Allen Osborne Associates Hilomast FM series

New floodlight mast; coiled cable enters the base of the mast and exits into a junction box on top of the mast for lighting connection; three standard models with four cores of 2.5 mm/sq., rain shield, rotation handle and pressure relief valve.

SignaSys Solutions on Demand

Range of engineering, consulting, project management, design, installation and procurement services designed to fit the needs of network affiliates, independents and noncommercial stations looking for an inexpensive way to update their facilities; literally an “engineering department on call” by allowing TV stations to supplement their staff by adding SignaSys engineers and installers to complete projects.