Producer/DJ Paul Chambers moves to Soundcraft MFX12 mixer

Record producer and DJ Paul Chambers uses the Soundcraft MFX12 mixer for its versatility, using it for both live sound and recording applications. Composer of more than 300 records, Chambers relies on the MFX12 mixer in the studio, onstage, in tracking and post as he records and, most recently, completing a 10-part series for Channel Five television.

“The sound of the MFX12 is very warm and the EQ is very recognizable, as it is on all Soundcraft products,” Chambers said. “The construction of the MFX is incredibly durable and the amount of inputs and outputs provide countless routing options. Even if I do most of the composing within the actual computer, I still run each individual channel back through the desk to create a warm, analog feel. I also always use hardware compression knowing that there are still the benefits of hands-on faders present.”

The MFX12 mixer combines all the features of the popular Soundcraft MPM mixer with a built-in, 24-bit digital Lexicon effects processor. The effects section fits neatly into a compact framework, which is available in eight, 12 or 20 mono inputs, both with two stereo channels and effects send on each channel. There are 32 different onboard effects to choose from with a tap tempo function, three effects parameter controls and a user effects setting store facility. An effects channel level clip LED and mute function give the user quick operational feedback.

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