Pro-Bel Presents Vistek Acquisition Benefits

Pro-Bel will bring several debutantes to IBC following the company's recent acquisition of Vistek.

A new Morpheus Control and Monitoring platform that allows customers to design their own user interfaces to suit individual requirements will be rolled out, as will the Morpheus Gateway, also a component of the eponymous media management system. The Gateway allows third-party delivery of files straight into a given system.

The VALID8, an HD, 8-channel audio version of Vistek VALID, will make its European debut at IBC2006. The VALID in this case stands for "video and audio line-up and identification." VALID8 allows A/V sync problems to be quickly and accurately diagnosed and subsequently rectified. VALID8 works with any HD or SD standard.

Pro-Bel also will launch the CIFER standards converter at the international show. CIFER, jointly developed by Vistek and Digital Vision, converts between all the primary HD standards, any SD standard and from SD to HD or vice versa with practically no loss of picture quality.

Pro-Bel will be in Stand 3.151.