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Polycom announces entry-level telepresence solution

At InfoComm, Polycom introduced the new entry-level Polycom HDX 6000 room telepresence system. Expected to ship July 1, the full-featured system delivers Polycom’s UltimateHD experience with HD video and voice and content sharing capabilities that enable effective face-to-face collaboration among geographically dispersed workgroups, improving efficiency while reducing travel costs.

The Polycom HDX 6000 delivers 720p HD video quality (1280 x 720) starting at 832Kb/s and DVD-quality video (704 × 576) as low as 256Kb/s, both at 30fps. The experience is enhanced through HD stereo audio quality that enables natural, two-way conversations using Polycom 22kHz HD Voice in StereoSurround and through the ability to share movies, spreadsheets, presentations, images or physical items like barcodes, envelopes and products through a variety of peripherals (PC, DVD player, document camera, etc.), all in HD.

The Polycom HDX 6000 will interoperate seamlessly with the more than 1.5 million other standards-based videoconferencing systems in use today, including more than 50,000 Polycom telepresence systems shipped to date. The plug-and-play system is easy to install and use and features Polycom’s Lost Packet Recovery technology that optimizes video quality over IP networks.