Plura Monitors Stay Busy at Trio

The Plura PBM-207-3G
CHICAGO—In our search for an all-around portable field test monitor with SD/HD/3G and analog capabilities, we discovered the 7-inch Plura PBM-207-3G. This unit really had everything we needed in a single package.

The Plura's dual display input capability and waveform and vectorscope functionality is very impressive and is unique to any monitor in its class that I've seen or used. Its ability to monitor audio from both discrete external feeds and embedded signals was also a big plus.

Another feature in its favor is the unit's durable fabric-covered hard carrying case and its clever fold up cover that also works as a sunscreen for the LCD screen when operating in outdoor environments. The monitor's case also has a convenient bottom opening for replacing the V-mount or Anton/Bauer batteries. However, this doesn't have to be used too often, as the monitor is easy on batteries, running for three or four days on a single charge even in heavy use situations. The case also provides storage and easy access for video and audio cables.

The Pluras we acquired have proven invaluable in troubleshooting signal paths in day-to-day events, and have become an absolute necessity when we're dealing with those large entertainment events that require a large number of signal feeds throughout the venue.

Based on our experience with these 7-inch monitors, when it was time to shop for some large format medium- and high-resolution displays, choosing Plura models was not a difficult decision. We're using both their 17-inch PBM-217S and the 24-inch PBM-224-3G in our multiformat trucks.

The multiple inputs on these large screen models have proven very valuable, with the trend now in production trucks to accommodate both SD and HD signals, as well as DVI and VGA monitoring capabilities at workstations. Our Plura monitors provide very fast switching between such inputs, which is especially important for our graphics operator who needs to view both configuration PCs and video signals.

We're also very pleased with the multiscreen layouts, as these are really valuable in QC applications. Some other features that stand out include Plura's very strong tabletop stand and integrated carrying handles. The rugged design of the monitors also provides us with confidence that they're going to keep on working, no matter where we may send them.

The HDMI inputs have proven to be very convenient in our work, as we're seeing more and more reliance on DSLRs.


The factory support on these products has been excellent too. Our operators requested some small changes in the monitors' menu configurations to allow quick access to some of the features and we also needed some unique display options. The Plura folks handled these special order requests in a very timely manner—something that I haven't usually experienced with other venders we've used. Overall, we're quite pleased with the monitors and the level of support that came with them. And we're now watching to see what sort of features the next generation of Plura monitors is going to offer.

Carl Roszczybiuk is director of engineering at Trio Video. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Plura at 877-467-5872 or visit