Pixel Power to demonstrate BrandMaster at IBC

Pixel Power will be demonstrating its BrandMaster stereoscopic master control switcher with integrated branding at IBC2010. The switcher enables operators to easily make dynamic adjustments to the interaxial separation and the Z-plane position, ensuring that graphics remain (or are introduced) in the correct visual space.

The expanded BrandMaster control system combines dynamic branding with master control. The latest enhancements include a user-configurable, any-screen-to-any-device control environment. Customers can deploy traditional master control panels, combined with full-color TFT switches that can display images of graphics and video assets, alone or in combination with soft panels configured and hosted within the Pixel Power Management Console environment.

Integrated Automated Transition Logic simplifies operations and reduces the possibility of graphical playout errors with templates that can accommodate dynamic changes to data or graphical objects without the need for external intervention or the creation of additional templates.