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Pinnacle Systems Releases New 'Stick' HDTV Tuners

The Pinnacle Systems division of Avid Technology Inc. has just announced the debut of two USB tuners for reception of HDTV.

The Pinnacle PCTV HD mini Stick and the Pinnacle TV for Mac mini Stick are designed to provide high sensitivity in a very small package. When combined with personal video recorder (PVR) software, a high-gain antenna and miniature remote control, these USB-powered tuners can provide high quality reception of DTV signals on PC and Mac computers.

Both models support reception of off-air DTV signals, as well as ClearQAM unencrypted cable TV signals in resolutions of up to 1080i.

The PC model comes with Pinnacle TVCenter Pro 5 PVR software and the Mac version is supplied with the latest version of Elgato EyeTV Lite software, which provides a range of recording and playback controls and provides timeshifting and electronic program guide or manual recording activation. The units are also supplied with a telescoping antenna and a travel bag.