Pinnacle Systems introduces Liquid Edition version 6 native HD editor

The new version, which supports mixed formats, gives users real-time HD editing, compositing and effects

Pinnacle Systems' Pinnacle Liquid Edition version 6 features software-based real-time multiformat editing.

Pinnacle Systems has introduced Pinnacle Liquid Edition version 6, the latest version of its video editing software, featuring the ability to edit multiple streams of native HD content with real-time effects.

Version 6 has a redesigned Microsoft Windows-based interface and delivers a Steinberg-inspired audio engine. It also adds a professional analog and digital I/O breakout box with plug-and-play USB capability.

The editing system offers software-based real-time multiformat editing, compositing and effects; advanced audio tools; and DVD authoring from the same interface.

Pinnacle's SmartRT technology allows multi-stream editing of HD content with real-time effects on a standard PC. Additionally, the system's FireWire-enabled plug-and-play support lets editors edit in HDV on location with a portable laptop computer.

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