Pinnacle Ships CineWave Classic and CineAcquire

Pinnacle Systems' CinéWave Classic, an uncompressed video system for motion graphic artists and video editors who use Final Cut Pro, is now available. The company has also begun shipping its CinéAcquire, a video capture and device control application and plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Pinnacle's Commotion Pro.

CinéWave Classic delivers uncompressed video for creating graphic-intensive intros, outros, IDs and promos using QuickTime-native applications. It also provides Final Cut Pro users with a lower-priced system for moving to professional video editing formats and functionality. It includes one of several available CinéWave I/O breakout boxes, with a 10-bit SDI Pro Digital breakout box, as well as the CinéAcquire application and plug-in module. The system has the Targa Ciné Engine available with all CinéWave products, and it can be upgraded to CinéWave RT and CinéWave HD configurations by attaching a breakout box or loading new software.

CinéAcquire expands the video graphics design capability of a CinéWave-equipped Power Mac G4 by providing frame-accurate machine control for video capture and record-to-tape. CinéAcquire works as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in module for Commotion Pro and After Effects. It allows users to perform tasks such as frame grabs and batch captures with RS-422 deck and device control in NTSC/PAL and widely used HD formats. It includes support for the 720p HD format, FireWire (IEEE 1394) deck and device control, frame capture with timecode, import and export of Final Cut Pro and tab-delimited batch lists and record-to-tape functions. It also includes the Pipeline Digital RS-422 Device Control Cable for easy connectivity to VTRs and other external devices.