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Pinnacle Ships CineWave 2.1 for Use With Final Cut Pro

Pinnacle Systems Inc. has released version 2.1 of its CineWave editing and compositing system. The upgrade adds uncompressed, real-time power to Apple's Final Cut Pro 3 and real-time Chroma Keying. The new features will also be available on the Mac OS X in a free upgrade in the future.

The new features have real-time support for:
* Color correction, including the Three-way Color Corrector;
* Color Corrector;
* Desaturate Highlights;
* Desaturate Lows;
* RGB Balance;
* Native Final Cut Pro Chroma Keyer.

The upgrade also has a new CineWave Chroma Keyer with spill suppression supported in realtime.

CinéWave also supports the I/O offerings of the new Pinnacle Pro Digital & Analog Breakout Box, including 10-bit Component sampling and 10-bit SDI for better image quality. The new breakout box provides an all-in-one I/O system for video and audio.

The software upgrade is free for existing customers, and can be downloaded at Real-time effects require the CineWave RT software upgrade.