Pilat to release new platform, add-ons

Pilat Media will show the new customization platform, IBMS:Adapt, at IBC2009 alongside new add-ons for campaign management and VOD services.

IBMS:Adapt enables users, system administrators and in-house developers to interact with and customize the IBMS (Integrated Broadcast Management System) user interface, business logic and workflow capabilities. The platform will include a complete palette of tools to provide maximum control over customization and workflow management, including a customization designer, diagnostic utilities, a graphical workflow designer and a workflow management console.

Pilat Media also will show its new advanced advertising campaign management add-on to its IBMS Sales product, IBMS:OnTarget. This module delivers the ability to sell TV commercial inventory using profile-based targeting across live broadcast, on-demand content and recorded programming.

To meet the needs of the rapidly growing cable, satellite, IPTV, broadband and mobile VoD marketplaces, IBMS:OnDemand expands the company's offering into a full business management system for on-demand, crossplatform services management.