Pilat Media Unveils New Semantic Layer in IBMS:Adapt

LONDON—Pilat Media enhanced its IBMS:Adapt customization toolkit with a new semantic layer that lays the foundation for simplified connectivity with the rich Integrated Broadcast Management System database. The first application of the semantic layer is a new custom reporting server that includes tools and utilities to simplify the process of generating reports.

IBMS:Adapt is a set of customization tools that enables users to modify or extend their existing IBMS user interfaces, reports, business logic, and workflows to reflect changing business requirements. The new semantic layer bridges the gap between underlying database and data services and the business applications that wish to use them. Data objects are published in clear terms.

The new reporting server offers self-service capabilities, including subscription-based report delivery. Generated reports are integrated natively within IBMS and are also available via a Web interface that can be accessed from different applications and devices.

The semantic layer can also be applied to simplify integration projects and the development of custom and third-party business applications that can access the broadcast data and services in IBMS.