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Pilat Media Releases New BXF Software

Pilat Media has announced the development of a new version of its IBMS broadcast management system, which now includes support for BXF (broadcast exchange format).

The SMPTE-2021 BXF standard was developed in 2008 to ensure compatibility of scheduling and as-run communications. The integration of BXF with Pilat's IBMS package provides greater efficiency and faster response time in broadcast operations.

"The major advantage of BXF support in IBMS is the flexibility it gives broadcasters to adapt and streamline their operations," said Bob Lamb, the CTO at Pilat Media. "For example, broadcasters changing schedules in response to late-breaking news or over-running sports events can now be sure that systems integrated with IBMS through BXF will align very quickly. We are clearly seeing a potential for dramatic workflow improvements."

With the new IBMS package, schedule changes automatically are passed on to any linked systems, providing broadcasters with a high level control process and a means for avoiding discrepancies, as changes made automatically update the station's automation system and any linked promotions.