PhotoJoseph Collaborates Worldwide With Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini

When PhotoJoseph YouTube operations expanded, the channel turned to Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini for global collaboration. (Image credit: Blackmagic Design)

ASHLAND, Ore.—I started the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel back in 2016 as a resource for aspiring photographers and filmmakers. With more than 30 years of experience in the creative industry, I use my channel as an outlet to discuss the techniques and gear behind the industry, producing on average, one to five videos and live streams per month, all from my studio (aka “playground!”). 

The world of content creation is incredibly fast-paced. To keep up with the demands of my growing YouTube channel, I’ve expanded my team to include assistant editors located in Ukraine, and a Spanish language localization team in the United States and Colombia. Collaborating with my global team, I rely on a Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini network storage solution and Blackmagic Cloud to share my large project libraries in a seamless remote workflow.

Cloud Collaboration
As a DaVinci Resolve Studio user, incorporating the Cloud Store Mini—in hand with Blackmagic Cloud—was the natural next step in my workflow. I initially made the switch to DaVinci Resolve Studio after being drawn to its color grading features. DaVinci Resolve Studio is incredibly powerful and I’ve been able to uplevel the quality of my videos—all from a single program. When I expanded my team, I knew that I would need a tool that would integrate seamlessly with my existing DaVinci Resolve workflow. I can say that the Cloud Store Mini has been a gamechanger.

For nearly all of my videos, I use a multicamera setup to shoot along with an ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K live production switcher and six HyperDeck Mini decks for recording. I transfer ProRes files captured to the HyperDecks over a 10G network to the Cloud Store, and use the Blackmagic Proxy Generator App to create proxies which automatically sync to Dropbox for my remote team to access. From shooting to editing, the whole process is incredibly fast thanks to the Cloud Store Mini’s high-performance speed. 

More Mobile
Depending on the project, my assistant editor may begin editing a rough cut of the video on Blackmagic Cloud, and then cut promo pieces of my projects. I’m able to review their edits and make changes myself from my laptop wherever I’m located, which is something I’ve never been able to do before. And now with DaVinci Resolve for iPad, I’m looking forward to making this process even more mobile! 

On the Cloud Store Mini, the live status feed allows me to see what’s happening in real time. I have a SmartView Duo monitor in my rack, and monitors all over the studio including at my desk, and using a Smart Videohub router, I can route any video to any destination—including the Cloud Store Mini status. The HDMI monitoring output on the Cloud Store Mini allows me to see important stats like storage maps, speed graphs and active users. Not only are these statuses fun to watch, but it also gives me peace of mind knowing what’s happening. 

As my team continues to grow, I know that my workflow will run smoothly and efficiently thanks to Blackmagic Design. I can’t wait to see what I can create and who I can collaborate with!  

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Joseph Linaschke aka PhotoJoseph, is a content creator, educator and YouTuber—he shoots photo and video for corporate brands, works with schools globally integrating photography into the classroom, leads workshops around the world, has several photography training courses on LinkedIn Learning and runs an educational YouTube channel. You can find him online as @PhotoJoseph just about anywhere—mainly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.