Philips Introduces MediaHedge Content Clearing Service

Philips Electronics has launched its new content rights clearing service called MediaHedge. The service allows content owners to automate copyright video detection based on Philips' video fingerprinting technology.

MediaHedge is an automated system that identifies the upload of copyrighted material and based on what the Web host has instructed it to allow, it can restrict or prohibit the use of uploaded content on its video sharing Web site or peer-to-peer network. The system is meant to replace the current process in which Web hosts have to manually remove copyrighted material from Web sites after being notified by the rights owner.

The MediaHedge content clearing service uses Philips Video Fingerprinting and Database Matching technology, in which a video fingerprint, extracted from the content during upload, is matched to the official fingerprint database provided by the content owners. The fingerprint matching system can recognize very short video clips from within the original video material and is capable of identifying video even when it is severely degraded or manipulated.

Controlling the legitimate use of copyrighted material "seemed an almost impossible task when hundreds of thousands of files are being uploaded to popular video-share Web sites every day," said Ronald Maandonks, general manager of Philips Content Identification. "Fortunately, there is now a solution in the shape of Philips MediaHedge that works right across the industry, helping content owners to protect their valuable assets, and helping content users and consumers to enjoy video sharing features without risking legal action because of copyright infringement."

The MediaHedge system is available from Philips Content Identification, a business unit of Philips Electronics. Philips Content Identification manages access to the system and provides full installation and maintenance service of the MediaHedge system for content owners and Web-hosting companies.