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Phiaton enters U.S. premium headphone market

Phiaton, a premium manufacturer of high-end personal audio products featuring distinctive design, technology and aesthetics, is entering the U.S. market with the introduction of new headphones, earphones and a music docking station. Phiaton is a brand of Cresyn, based in Seoul, South Korea, with operations in Japan, Indonesia and China.

The Primal Series Headphones feature the PS 500 headphones geared toward high-end audiophiles. The PS 500 incorporates titanium driver technology for a powerful bass sound and a wide frequency range, ideal for use with home theater systems and incorporating an optimized airflow that delivers concert hall sound quality. The PS 500’s double-shelled rear enclosure decreases the rapid variation of acoustic impedance, offering better sound reproduction at higher volumes.

The Phiaton PS 200 is a sound-isolating earbud-style earphone that connects to MP3 players, CD players and laptop computers and provides rich bass and high-range fidelity. The PS 200 employs dual-balanced armature drivers with passive crossover. The acoustic impedance control mechanism opens and closes holes on the rear side of the speaker unit, which changes the acoustic impedance of the speaker enclosure and improves low-frequency sound to suit personal preference. The PS 200 comes with three soft silicon tips to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Phiaton Moderna Series looks like nothing else available today. The MS 400 and MS 300 feature a bright red adjustable headband and ear pads that make for a bold style statement. Both are made with carbon graphite fiber for a stylish look, strong housing and lightweight construction. The carbon fiber housing encased in a polymer enclosure creates a double-shell structure for clear sound while minimizing sound leakage. The headphones fold to fit in a compact carrying case.

The Phiaton MS 600 Music Docking Station is designed for Apple iPods and other MP3 players and constructed to deliver analog sound with deep bass in a modest size from its waveguide design.

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