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Petrol Bags unveils nNew camera carrier/support system

The new Cambio convertible equipment bag/camera support system from Petrol Bags is a carry-on sized, smooth-rolling camera carrier that transforms into a lightweight support system for small video camcorders.

The Cambio camera carrier has an ultra-wide U-shaped opening for quick and easy access. Inside the main compartment there is room for a camera, tripod head and important accessories. Twin straps of hook and loop material anchor the bag’s front flap in an open position when inserting/removing the camera or converting to the support system.

Petrol’s proprietary sliding pipe system (SPS) secures the camera and keeps it in place. The bag’s interior is fully padded for maximum equipment protection. Within the Cambio is an expandable (up to 56in) rigid, nickel-plated center steel column. The column can accommodate cameras weighing up to 9.9lbs.

Cast magnesium lever clamps ensure fast and sure column adjustment. The bag is equipped with a frame and axle support trolley with integral handle and camera platform with 75mm ball head mount adapter. An optional lightweight micro-fluid head allows for quick attachment and conventional pan and tilt movements.

A self-latching extendable aluminum double-bar tube leg braces the freestanding Cambio. The leg expands and retracts with a touch of the leg’s latch paddle. When using the support system, Cambio’s heavy-duty, jitter-free wheels and axle can be chocked to prevent rotation, adding extra stability.