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Penpal-HD offers handheld high definition testing

The Electronic Visuals Penpal-HD produces 32 video test patterns in 18 HD standards, each of which can be combined with three different audio tone settings.

The handheld device supports SMPTE274M, 296M and 260M. Eight groups of video test patterns are available, as are three audio test signal patterns.

The video test pattern groups include:

  • SMPTE HD bars at 100 percent and 75 percent, and 100 percent bars and red;
  • SDI check field matrix, Y pulse and bar, UV pulse and bar;
  • Five-step Y staircase, five-step UV staircase, limited YUV ramp, shallow Y ramp;
  • 60 percent Y sweep, 60 percent UV sweep, U multiburst, UV multiburst;
  • SD pluge(check) on black, convergence, Tartan bars;
  • White, black, red, yellow;
  • Green, blue, magenta, cyan;
  • Moving Y zone plate, stationary Y zone.

The Penpal-HD, which offers 10-bit, all-digital procession, delivers three hours of continuous battery life and runs on a 3V Lithium ion battery.

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