Pebble Introduces IP Connection Management System

Pebble Control
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WEYBRIDGE, U.K.—Broadcast automation, content management and integrated channel specialist Pebble is launching Pebble Control, an IP connection management system designed to help broadcasters transition to all-IP facilities without a custom enterprise solution.

“SMPTE ST 2110 has been a game-changer for the rollout of uncompressed IP networks in broadcast and is invaluable for the way that it specifies how to transport and synchronize video, audio and ancillary data. But it doesn’t cover how devices on a network can be discovered or connected, which is where the NMOS [Networked Media Open Specification] suite comes in,” said company CTO Miroslav Jeras.

“We are seeing an increasing amount of proprietary approaches in the market, but the goal has to be to make interoperability simpler rather than putting barriers in the way, which is why NMOS and Pebble Control make such a compelling argument for broadcasters looking to establish IP native workflows.”

Pebble Control leverages full support for the Advanced Media Workflow Association’s NMOS suite of protocols. Operating on web-based UIs, Pebble Control delivers benefits to even the smallest IP facility, the company said.

The new connection management system interfaces with NMOS-enabled devices from multiple vendors on the network. It makes reconfiguration easy when interconnections change or when devices are added or removed, essentially providing plug-and-play capability for IP networks, it said.

Pebble Control provides:

  • Automatic discovery and resource management with full support for NMOS IS-04 v1.3 and physical and logical views to organize an IP system. 
  • Alarms offering immediate feedback from the NMOS registry so users know when devices go offline. 
  • Multicast settings management to make provisioning those settings for NMOS senders easy with a responsive tabular interface. Configuration data can be exported and imported making it possible for users to delegate and quickly restore settings. 
  • Streamlined connection management with full support for NMOS IS-05 v1.1 and the ability to define custom logical views and containers, thus streamlining connection management. 
  • Legacy router emulation. 
  • Software and hardware panel integration. 
  • Modern access control. 
  • Flexible deployment and host management. 

Pebble is also offering comprehensive online help and a series of tutorial videos, the company said.

More information is available on the company’s website

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