Pebble Beach Releases Orca

BROOMFIELD, COLO.—Pebble Beach Systems has announced that it is launching Orca, its new software-defined virtualized IP integrated channel system. The company also announced that DMC in the Netherlands is the first sale for the Orca system.

Running in a VM on a virtualized platform, Orca utilizes a software-only implementation of Pebble’s Dolphin platform to run in a private cloud with IP inputs and outputs. Orca software-defined channels can be configured to meet specific requirements. With an advanced orchestration level, it is also allows ultra-fast deployment against pre-configured templates, enabling channels to be launched and integrated into a running Marina system literally at the click of a button.

Pebble Beach was recently awarded a contract with the Digital Media Centre in the Netherlands and that it will fulfill with the Orca system. The implementation deploys standard IT hardware, which DMC will source and maintain; Pebble Beach will then deliver the virtual images for each channel with the Orca system based on DMC’s pre-defined transmission chain requirements.

Pebble Beach Systems is an automation, content management and integrated channel specialist headquartered in Broomfield, Colo.