Peak Uplink Is Road-Ready With Frontline

This member of Peak Uplink's fleet is all set up and ready for action.NEW CASTLE, COLO.
Peak Uplink Inc. is a full-service satellite transmission company that handles satellite media tours, teleconferencing, Webcasting, Internet connectivity, corporate, educational, medical teleconferencing, video news releases, news and sporting event coverage.

We were incorporated in December 1999 and hit the street with one van, traveling from coast to coast to get our wheels rolling. We were quickly accepted into the SNG vendor community and all major networks have used our services.

Since our startup, we've purchased nine SNG vehicles, including two large units from Frontline Communications. We've continued to grow by hiring the best engineers we can find and keeping a very new fleet of SNG vehicles with the latest state of the art equipment. Our oldest truck is only six years old and all of our vehicles are fully redundant—from major components down to the power supplies in distribution amplifier card trays.

Our trucks are located in four different states within the Rocky Mountain region, and there are very few places we can't reach out here in the West. Our geographic reach is coupled along with the ability to fit into just about any size environment, with vehicles ranging from a Suburban to full size SNG trucks.

Our crew takes extreme pride and ownership in their equipment, and it shows. We have more than 50 years of combined broadcast experience. Our service to our customers is paramount.


For the past nine years Peak Uplink has had the good fortune of building and designing new SNG trucks annually. As the industry evolves, so does the demand and requirements of live transmission. No longer does only redundancy fit the bill. Elaborate HD/SD, dual band, multiformat, multiple-path, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 capabilities coupled along with multiformatted test and measurement gear and a multitude of linear formats and nonlinear delivery systems are now all part of the business. The coming of the remote HD transmission age has also created a new demand for HD uplinks in both the sports and news venues.

Meeting requirements in this evolving technology requires solid support from a vehicle manufacturer at every stage.


Our involvement with the folks at Frontline Communications has always been on the positive side of the ledger. The people at Frontline quite simply enjoy what they do and want to do it better time after time. Our queries on how to implement new equipment and technologies have always been met with good advice and plenty of support.

No matter how much equipment changes, there's still the unfortunate reality that eventually something is going to malfunction. When that happens, Frontline is very proactive and ready to provide whatever assistance necessary to bring things back up to full speed.

During these unpredictable times we're all experiencing now, it's very gratifying to work with a crew that stays on course to deliver quality, not to mention the rarity of on coming in on time and within budget. To do so requires staying ahead of the learning curve and keeping up to date on the operation of new equipment. It is not surprising Frontline assists with that also.

Bruce Fauser is the owner of Peak Uplink and may be contacted

For additional information, contact Frontline Communications at 727-573-0400 or