PBS NewsHour Enlists Grabyo for Live Streaming Efforts

(Image credit: Grabyo)

NEW YORK—PBS NewsHour’s digital operations are now running with the help of Grabyo Studio and Producer platforms, according to a new press release.

The NewsHour digital team is now using Grabyo Studio to clip, edit and share videos across its online platform in real-time. Grabyo Producer, meanwhile will deliver live streams across digital channels.

PBS NewsHour has also begun using the Grabyo cloud video platform, which enables NewsHour producers to produce digital and social video from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

“Partnering with Grabyo has allowed us to deliver our trusted news programming to more people across the world,” said James Y. Williams, PBS NewsHour’s executive director of digital. “We aim to reach as broad an audience as possible and want our channels to be a go-to source for reliable news coverage. That means increasing access to content and speeding up publishing workflows without jeopardizing our reporting standards. Grabyo’s platform helps us do just that.”

For more information, visit www.grabyo.com.