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Pasternack Unveils New VNA Test Cables

IRVINE, CALIF.—Pasternack, provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has released a new line of ruggedized phase stable VNA test cables that are able to operate up to 40GHz. The cables are specifically designed to handle test lab use and production testing for 50 ohm communication systems.

The cables are available with male or female versions of SMA or Type-N connectors for cables operating up to 18GHz, 2.92mm connectors for those operating up to 26.5GHz, and 2.4mm connectors for those operating up to 40GHz. Torison resistant connector heads are attached to stainless steel conduit style armoring for a rugged design for up to 5,000 mating cycles with proper care. The VNA test cables have a maximum phase change of +/- 2 degrees at 18GHz, +/- 3 degrees at 26.5GHz, and +/- 5 degrees at 40GHz with typical calibration procedures.

Pasternack’s new VNA test cables are now available.