Panasonic Updates Kairos Live Production Platform

Panasonic Kairos Core 1000
(Image credit: Panasonic)

NEWARK, N.J.—Panasonic is addressing the increase in live video production needs by launching a new version of its Kairos live production platform, the Kairos Core 1000. The updated platform features a new mainframe option, expanded HD/4K I/Os and increased recording capacity.

The new Kairos Core 1000 mainframe option offers a higher performance CPU and GPU, which increases the system’s video processing capacity. The new mainframe also supports 4K and a CANVAS function as a standard feature. The Version 1.1 software allows less restricted use of the multilayered video composition, output in high resolution, including 8K.

The platform also expands RTP/SRT/RTMP streaming from six to eight inputs with two outputs. The Kairos Core 1000’s increased recording capacity for video has been increased to 64 GB uncompressed RAW player capacity.

“With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Kairos is fully customizable, encompasses everything needed to adapt to any live production scenario, and provides the tools needed to create a highly engaging and visually stimulating production,” said Michael Bergeron, senior category owner, production systems, Panasonic. ”As venues are permitted to host in-person events again, Panasonic’s Kairos system will be there to support AV teams connect with their audiences to create memorable experiences.”

For more information, visit Panasonic’s website