Panasonic unveils five-slot AJ-PCD10 P2 card drive

Panasonic's AJ-PCD10 five-slot P2 internal/external solid-state memory drive

At IBC2004, Panasonic showed the new AJ-PCD10 five-slot P2 internal/external solid-state memory drive, which is designed for high-speed file transfer of DV, DVCPRO or DVCPRO50 video into nonlinear editing systems and servers.

With the AJ-PCD10, a user can mount as many as five 4GB P2 cards, containing up to 80 minutes of recording in DVCPRO, at the same time and have access to the content on all five cards for continuous editing of recorded clips in sequence.

With the AJ-PCD10, digitizing is eliminated so that material can be accessed almost instantly. As an internal drive, the AJ-PCD10 installs in a standard PC-type 5.25-inch bay drive enclosure. Through its high-speed USB 2.0 interface, it connects to the host computer, which can reside on a television station’s local area network.

For field use, the AJ-PCD10 serves as a stand-alone external drive, which can be accessed with a notebook PC for editing and playback.

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