Panasonic to resell cloud-based video production services

As of Jan. 28, Panasonic will begin selling cloud-based video production services — such as storage, team collaboration, and advanced file management — from a UK company called Aframe as part of every professional equipment sale in the U.S. The agreement allows camera operators, for example, to shoot footage and send it directly to a remote storage facility managed by Aframe for later editing and archiving — directly from the camera as an H.264 proxy file if required for fast turnaround of breaking news events.

Based in London with U.S. headquarters in Boston, Aframe's cloud video production systems have been providing services to the BBC, MTV, film and TV production firms, corporate video departments and ad agencies in Europe and the U.S. since 2009.

The two companies have been working together unofficially for the past year and have now formalized their relationship for those using Panasonic’s P2 and AVCCAM cameras as well as all types of file-based workflows. The Aframe platform supports all file sizes, including those P2 files encoded using AVC-Ultra compression (including AVC LongG and AVC Proxy files).

Panasonic will sell the Aframe service through its authorized professional video resellers and allow producers to plan, create content, collaborate, store, edit, distribute and make their footage easily searchable. Annual accounts start at $1200 for the first two seat licenses. Additional seats can be added two at a time for the full year, or in blocks of four to support three-month projects. Panasonic customers can set up a trial account to start utilizing Aframe software.

With Aframe’s technology, users can share, search and collaborate on projects via a secure Internet connection. Aframe said it allows for any original, large broadcast-quality video format in any length to be uploaded, including uncompressed raw footage.