Panasonic Debuts Upgraded AG-DVX100

Panasonic made available its AG-DVX100A, the second-generation of its progressive-scan camcorder. The four-pound hand-held mini-DV camcorder features CineSwitch technology, and supports 480i/60 (NTSC), cinema-style 480p/24 fps and 480p/30 fps image capture. Also included are user-requested features such as improved color reproduction, a show shutter function for higher sensitivity and dramatic motion effects, auto focus assist and interval recording modes and a squeeze mode for 16:9 recording.

Additionally, Panasonic outfitted the AG-DVX100A with a prism system and wide-angle zoom Leica Dicomar lens (4.5mm to 45mm with a 56-degree viewing angle). The on-chip lens design offers over 500 lines of horizontal resolution and records at 3 lux (at +18dB) for nighttime acquisition. The minimum object distance from lens to subject is now 0.6 meter (from the standard 1 meter) in telephoto mode.