Oxygen DCT Launches AirWaves HD Wireless Monitoring System

ALDERMASTON, UK–Oxygen DCT has launched AirWaves HD, a wireless HD monitoring system that enables directors and producers working either on set or on location to monitor productions without being tethered to cables.

AirWaves HD comprises a camera mounted transmitter and monitor mounted receiver that stream HD-SDI and HDMI signals wirelessly over the air, up to distances of 500m away. Video is throughput at a maximized data rate to produce uninterrupted HD video with low latency and impressive resolution. Embedded audio and timecode are also carried across the airwaves. The company says AirWaves HD is suited to field and studio production and is supported by options specifically tailored to indoor and outdoor use.

“AirWaves HD is designed to meet market need for a multi-format wireless monitoring system that can deliver the high quality high definition pictures that today’s directors’ demand,” said Steve Hathaway, managing director of Oxygen DCT. “With an automatic encoding rate adjustment that enables a constant output of 50Mpbs, plus the ability to connect to multiple LCD or OLED monitors simultaneously, AirWaves HD is the perfect complement to any professional television and film shoot.”

Small and lightweight, the system eliminates the need for tethered cable connection between cameras and production monitors, reducing on-location set-up time. A single push button initiates the pairing and automatic connection of the transmitter and receiver. The multi-format system handles full bandwidth 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and HDMI video signals up to 1080p60 4:2:2.

The transmitter works with all HD cameras and has an optional V Lock adaptor plate that allows it to be clipped on to the back of a camera and powered via the V Lock plate from V Lock equipped batteries. Accepting power as low as 7V DC, these devices have been designed to work with power systems including the very latest high power 26V DC battery systems used with Arri Alexa cameras.

The receiver can also be fitted with an optional V Lock adaptor plate, allowing it to be clipped onto any monitor equipped with the same facility, such as the Evolution P3 range of LCD and OLED monitors from Oxygen DCT. This enables producers and director to monitor their productions with great mobility.

AirWaves HD offers a choice of two transmitters and two receivers, a HDMI-only version and a HDMI and HD-SDI version, which may be combined according to production requirements.

AirWaves HD also employs MIMO antenna technology that gives improved communication performance by allowing extended link range without increasing bandwidth or power consumption and a latency of just 20ms. The standard AirWaves HD operates up to 150 meters, distances of up to 500 meters can be achieved using optional high gain antenna and AirWaves HD does nott require special FCC licenses.