Osprey Video Debuts Talon G2 Encoder

DALLAS—Osprey Video is extending its Talon hardware encoder line with the addition of the new Talon G2. This new encoder follows its predecessors with its ability to create live RTMP streams for unmanaged networks, but it includes a bevy of new features.

The Talon G2 ingests video from multiple formats, encodes it to H.264 and delivers it over IP. One of the system’s new features is a front-facing LCD touch screen, which provides one-touch streaming control. When streaming profiles are established, users can start or stop encoding operations at the touch of a button. The screen also offers continuous feedback on the status of all encoders.

There is also API-level integrations with Facebook Live and the Wowza Streaming Cloud streaming service available with the Talon G2. An exclusive interface with Facebook allows the Talon G2 to be configured for Facebook streaming once instead of daily. Built-in security enables authorized users to start streaming to anyone’s Facebook page without requiring login credentials.

3G HD-SDI, HDMI and composite sources can be ingested with the Talon G2 and then streamed via RTMP, RTP or UDP to multiple destinations over IP. The G2 can encode and stream to three destinations simultaneously and save to a .TS file, with frame alignment across all streams for multiple-bit-rate streaming.

Osprey Video is now shipping the Talon G2 encoder for $1,890.