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Orad ProSet sets stage for Splash Media Emmy

Splash Media in Dallas, TX, is using the Orad Hi-Tec Systems ProSet solution to create an Emmy-winning IPTV show set in the virtual laboratory of a mad scientist. The winning video, "Dr. Brown's Photoshop Laboratory," teaches tricks of the trade to millions of Adobe Photoshop users, and is now available online at Adobe TV ( (opens in new tab)).

Dr. Brown's laboratory is one of more than 100 virtual sets Splash Media creative director Brad Murano has created using Orad's ProSet solution, an HD/SD virtual set system that imports models, along with their geometry, textures and animations, directly from Orad's 3-D Studio design platforms, Max and Maya.

ProSet uses Orad's HDVG (high-definition video graphics) rendering platform, which ensures a set as complex as “Dr. Brown's” will run glitch-free and in real time.

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