Orad Hi Tec Systems Demos New HD/SD ProSet

At NAB2007, Orad Hi Tec Systems will demonstrate its new high-end HD/SD ProSet virtual set system. ProSet offers rendering power sufficient to allow even the most complex virtual set design to run in real time, with photo-realistic results. ProSet integrates with all of Orad's tracking systems, including the Xync infrared system, pattern recognition and mechanical sensors. The new system also provides integration with on-air graphics, as well as integration with all major newsroom and automation systems and provides internal chroma keying in SD and HD.

Orad will also show its 3Dplay SD/HD auto promotion and channel branding system that combines 3D graphics, video clips and audio in a single package.

Also new is the ADVision virtual advertising system. It inserts virtual advertisements into any kind of sporting event and supports up to 16 different cameras.

Premiering too are Orad's CyberSport system and Maestro. CyberSport is designed for live "tied-to-the-field" graphics, animations and video insertions into live action. It holds inserted objects fixed, regardless of camera movement. Maestro is an SD/HD 3D character generator and on-air graphics system, featuring plug-ins to newsroom and NLE systems.

Orad Hi Tec Systems will be in booth SU3614.