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OPTICOM debuts PEVQ Analyzer

At NAB2008, OPTICOM is debuting its PEVQ Analyzer, an HD-capable video recorder with comprehensive perceptual audio and video analysis capabilities.

Perceptual Evaluation of Video Quality (PEVQ) measures the subjectively perceived quality of video sequences based on the five-point MOS (mean opinion score) scale widely used to characterize quality as perceived by humans.

Paired with OPTICOM’s ITU standard for audio quality analysis, the new device delivers audio/video quality metrics in the form of a pair of standardized MOS KPIs, even capable of tracking lip-sync artifacts.

PEVQ analyzes degraded video signals by a human visual model, representing true objective Quality of Experience (QoE) measurement. PEVQ provides an objective expert to assess IPTV performance issues in relation to incumbent TV satellite and cable services.

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